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7.2 Refund Policy.  WE1TOWN may, in its sole discretion, offer free refunds for any subscription canceled within 12 hours of original payment, subject to the following conditions:

(i) For Datacenter proxies, active subscription bandwidth usage must be less than 500 MB in total;  and the number of proxies used in the subscription must be below 250 in total.

(ii) There are no refunds for Proxies of the Residential and Mobile type.  There are no refunds for proxies with unlimited bandwidth, which WE1TOWN provides at no additional charge.

(iii) For software, automation programs and other products, refunds can be made only if there is a problem with the products or a situation that prevents their use.  However, WE1TOWN determines whether the circumstances are determined at its sole discretion.  Refunds will be made in case of any dispute.  WE1TOWN may, in its sole discretion, refuse to issue any refund.

(iiii) For purchased digital products, or for purchased accounts, the responsibility lies with the customer after account delivery.  WE1TOWN does not know what you will use the accounts for and what actions you have taken.  For this reason, if you have trouble logging into purchased accounts, WE1TOWN will switch accounts.  Purchased accounts must be logged in within 24 hours, otherwise no change will be made.  For any digital product, there are no returns.

(iiiii) If WE1TOWN detects that the customer is abusing proxies or automation programs, they may cancel without explanation, and will not issue refunds. This includes high requests made on proxies. The customer cannot request any refund or exchange for the WE1TOWN products that are used for offensive purposes.

(iiiiii) Active server orders cannot be returned before the expiry date.

(iiiiiii) Refund conditions are only possible for payments made by Credit Card.

Anyone who purchases from we1.town is deemed to have read and approved these refund conditions.

Source : https://we1.town/en/service-and-use-agreement

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